Based in Denver, Colorado, Aaron is a British military veteran with almost 20 years of professional firearms experience. Aaron served in a front-line British military unit, deploying overseas, before migrating to the United States and joining Law Enforcement. He now teaches at the Police Academy in his spare time, continuing to contribute to the education of security professionals and his own skills. Aaron is a strong proponent of personal defense, empowering people to take the opportunity to defend themselves and their families with firearms and mind-set training. 


Aaron has been teaching firearms training around the world for many years, to some that speak different languages! Here in Colorado, Aaron has enjoyed teaching people of all skill levels, giving a broader knowledge of personal defense to those who have decided to pick it up later in life, or to increase the focus and speed of expert level shooters with advanced techniques. In Aaron's capable class-room environment, you will learn about firearms safely, and evolve your abilities with honest instruction and positive education. 

Denver, CO | | (720) 507 - 4867